About us

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch offers a common platform for all Bhumihar from different walks of life and beyond the boundary of any country. We are an unparallel, unprecedented & unique event in many respects involving wide array of participants, which benefited the youth, women, unemployed people & common people. Manch is consistently trying to achieve its objectives of Social, economic, environmental & humanitarian development of every Bhumihar. Manch is consistently trying to maintain strategic balance between urban & rural societies through committed team of individuals through different disciplines. The Manch is a composite of Social Scientists, Technologist and Social Reformers, Thinkers and other Professionals. All these folks have joined hands together and extended their valuable support to promote the social issues, social needs, information, knowledge and awareness to protect our communities as well as strengthen our community. Brahmarshi Vikas Manch invites and welcome more and more Bhumihar from across the world to join hands in this endeavor & own the responsibilities to make the difference in a very positive way. And that is why we are very proud to offer this Matrimonial site exclusively free for our Bhumihar community accross the world.

The mission of this free matrimonial site is to provide Bhumihar people with a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build fulfilling relationships. We strive to do this through superior technology, in-depth research, valuable matrimonial content & services, and above all this is 100% free for our Bhumihar Community worldwide.

Our Objectives

Bring all the Bhumihar Brahmins globally under one umbrella as we cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

Our Efforts

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch is putting all its efforts to unite Brahmarshi samaaj globally. We all can come and join our hands together to protected the future of our upcoming Brahmarshi's generations. Looking back into glorious history of Brahmarshis, present needs lots of efforts from all of us to make the future glorious again. This can be only achieved by unity.


It does not matter for us, if the matter of a Brahmarshi or entire Brahmarshi Samaaj, there are no boundries which can stop us to reach out to you and stand by you. Lets come together, lets work together to help our community as well as our country.

From the Desk of President and General Secretary

From President's Desk

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch which was started from Jamshedpur plays a very important role in supporting the mission of Brahmarshi's empowerment accross the globe. We strive to bring the global Brahmarshi under one umbrella as "Global Brahmashi Vikas Manch". All though there are many challenges that our community is facing but at the same time we put our focus beyond these challenges, and find there are many opportunities available which can truly make the huge difference to globalize the Brahamarshi's empowerment movement and join our hands together to strengthen our community.

- Ram Prakash Pandey

From General Secretary's Desk

Harmony and Unity can bring all the good things in our life. At Brahmarshi VIkas Manch we are not working only for Jamshedpur Brahmarshi community, but also we are putting our focus to reach out to the global Brahamrshi samaj. Technology can play a very vital role in today's world. So we welcome you all to register yourself and your family members with us by clicking here, and filling out family details registration form. This will help us to know each other more closely as well as reach out to each other more quickly and efficiently to build a stronger global Brahmarshi community.

- Yogendra Mouar

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